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The vall.jul19.2011.gz Database

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The vall.jul19.2011.gz Database

Dear All,


Is there a URL or FTP to download the vall.jul19.2011.gz database?

I know the database resides in {ROSETTA}//tools/fragment_tools/

But if I want to direct someone to just download the database without downloading Rosetta and uncompressing it (for example to use PyRosetta independently than Rosetta). Does a URL or FTP to download the database exists?

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Fri, 2017-09-01 02:29

There is definitely no way to download just one file from the database (like one vall file).  

We once supported downloading the database separately from the code, but currently the internal organization of the version control makes that troublesome, so we don't bother.

Did the database not come with the PyRosetta download?  If not, that's at least worth us discussing as a feature.

Fri, 2017-09-01 09:34

Dear smlewis.


Thanks for your reply.


I meant to download the whole database seperatly than Rosetta (not one file within the database).


Also the full database does not come with PyRosetta (I checked) , what does come with PyRosetta are several smaller filtered vall databases, but not the full vall.jul19.2011.gz database. So for example, I can't preform fragment picking in PyRosetta only (I would need to download Rosetta and uncompress to get the database).


I think if the vall.jul19.2011.gz database was included in PyRosetta, or made available to download separatly, might allow us some degrees of freedom, unless there is a different point of view?

Can I upload it and provide a download link? temporarly until it is made available with PyRosetta?

Sat, 2017-09-02 00:15

One of the issues is that the Vall databases are in the tools/ directory of the regular Rosetta release, and not the database/ directory, so technically speaking it's not part of the Rosetta database proper, which is one of the reason why it hasn't already been provided with PyRosetta.

Unfortunately, the tools/ directory of the regular Rosetta release is not distributed with PyRosetta, nor is it availible as a separate download. So in order to get the Vall database you would need to download and extract the regular Rosetta release.

If you already have extracted the Vall from the regular Rosetta release and wish to provide it to a collegue who already has a PyRosetta license, that's probably not a big deal if you provide them a *private* link to the file. However, the Vall database, being part of the Rosetta release, is currently being distributed under the Rosetta license which prohibits redistribution. As such, you should not post it to a publicly accessible location, or otherwise provide it to anyone who doesn't already have a Rosetta/PyRosetta license.

Providing a link to PyRosetta users to download the Vall separately is a reasonable idea, and I'll let the person in charge of PyRosetta distribution know about it.

Mon, 2017-09-04 10:44

Thanks rmoretti,


I have uploaded the database and I have a download link for myself. But after your explanation I won't distribute it.

Since I already have a link I would gladly provide it for the PyRosetta team. Just let me know what they say.

Mon, 2017-09-04 12:37