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'standard.wts' does not exist

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'standard.wts' does not exist

Hi all,

I am trying to run the Pepsec demo and I got the following error:

ERROR: Unable to open weights/patch file. None of (./)standard.wts or (./)standard.wts.wts or /mnt/d/Softwares/Rosetta/rosetta_src_2020.08.61146_bundle/main/database/scoring/weights/standard.wts or /mnt/d/Softwares/Rosetta/rosetta_src_2020.08.61146_bundle/main/database/scoring/weights/standard.wts.wts exist
ERROR:: Exit from: src/core/scoring/ line: 3461

I got the same error if I type the arguments directly in the command line.

There is no file named standard.wts in database/scoring/weights/.

Any thoughts?

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Mon, 2020-09-14 02:26

Back when we switched the default scorefunction to talaris2013 (it's ref2015 now), we renamed standard.wts to pre_talaris_2013_standard.wts, as it was no longer the "standard" weights.

Note, though, that in addition to the changes to the weights files, talaris2013 (and later) scorefunctions also change a number of other settings. If you really do want to use what was standard.wts (but is now pre_talaris_2013_standard.wts), you also need to add the -restore_pre_talaris_2013_behavior option to the command line.

Mon, 2020-09-14 06:36