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farfar2 error

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farfar2 error

Hi ROSIE and FARFAR2 team,

   I used FARFAR2 to calculate the 3D structure prediction of one RNA on the web ( ),I input the sequence, 2D structure,but I cannot submit jobs using FARFAR2 that means I cannot find the button of Submitting . I tested Chrome and Firefox web browser, but neither of the worked. Could you tell me why this happened? OR teach me how to submit a new FARFAR2 job on the web ( ) . Is the RNA is too long for the prediction. You can find the sequence, 2D structure in the attachment.Thank your very much.

sequence514 bytes
2D structere514 bytes
picture91.2 KB
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Tue, 2023-02-28 18:56

Hm... not sure what could be wrong here. I was able to submit job using your input here: - could it be that some local software on your machine might be interfere with this?

Anyway i would recommend to give it another try (maybe restarting web browsers?)


Wed, 2023-03-01 14:07

Thank you very much.

Thu, 2023-03-02 05:41

Do you use the web version( or computer software to predict?Can you tell me which browser you use to predict the structure? Can the predicted RNA length exceed 500?

Mon, 2023-03-13 08:40