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how to change the parameter weight in rosetta 2.3

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how to change the parameter weight in rosetta 2.3

Dear ALL,
I want to change the energy weights of rosetta2.3. It is easy to change weight in rosetta 3. I can find a weight file call "score12_full.wts“ in rosetta 3's database. But I can't locate the same file in rosetta 2.3. Where can I find the rosetta 2.3 energy weight file? Thank you!

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Tue, 2012-04-24 14:09

This is one of many reasons why we rewrote rosetta. If my memory serves me, the score12 weights are set in, but beware that if you want to change one of the "packer weights" that they are set separately elsewhere --, it would seem. There are two weight sets in Rosetta2: one for outside the packer, and one for inside the packer. The outside weights for the packer terms, you'll notice, are all set to 1.0 in the score12() function.

Wed, 2012-04-25 07:27

Thank you! ALL the weights are in the

Wed, 2012-04-25 08:24

But I still have problems. For example, in the score12, the fa_ref_weight = 1.0; but there should be 20 parameters for the reference state. Where are there 20 parameters? Thank you!

Wed, 2012-04-25 09:46