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rosetta's keyword list

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rosetta's keyword list

Hi there,
Is there a Rosetta keyword list somewhere? There are some keywords that cannot be found issuing the command option "-help".
To be more specific, there aren't neither the keywords constant_seed nor jran in minirosetta -help. I also could not found these keywords in the online manual. Thanks in advance.

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Tue, 2014-01-21 06:03

If you're looking for the "full" options list, you can find it at (I put "full" in quotes as there are some per-application options which aren't listed there -- though those likely will be mentioned explicitly in the documentation for that application.) They're not particularly well ordered, nor well documented, necessarily applicable for most programs, or even used at all, but they should be listed.

Aside from that, there isn't a good description of the general options like -constant_seed or -jran. There's a little bit in the 3.4 documentation (, but it's not necessarily all that comprehensive.

If you're looking for description on what a particular option does, or if you think there should be an option to do something, but don't know what it is, you can always ask here on the forums. (Which in most cases will send me digging through the C++ code to figure it out.)

Regarding -constant_seed and -jran, they both are involved in how Rosetta sets up its pseudorandom number generator. By default, Rosetta grabs the seed for the PRNG from the operating system's random number source (Which can be changed with the option -rng_seed_device). If you provide the option -constant_seed, that tells Rosetta to instead get the random number seed from the -jran option. (Just -constant_seed and not -jran will use the seed 1111111. Just -jran and not -constant_seed will pick the seed from the OS random pool, as if you didn't specify anything.) There are additional options to adjust the seed before use (e.g. -seed_offset and the automatic shifting of seeds for different processors under and MPI run), and the details of what seed was picked and how it was adjusted will be printed out to the core.init tracer.

Tue, 2014-01-21 07:15