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Question about run FLEXPEPDOCK with 3 chain

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Question about run FLEXPEPDOCK with 3 chain

hello everyone,

I run FLexpepdock with receptor have 2 chain (1 long chain and 1 short chain) and 1 peptide.
I set 2 chain of receptor same chain name (chain A) and peptide (chain B).
This is right or wrong.

thank you so much

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Wed, 2014-07-02 08:46

Hi Phanvy,
I assume you use Rosetta 3.4, from our correspondence. Next release will include multichain receptor support. Meanwhile, what you are doing is OK and should work. If you are having a trouble with it, please post a log file of the run and the pdb.

Wed, 2014-07-02 13:35

Dear Orielg,
Thank you so much for your reply
I use Rosetta 3.4 and I can run with them.

thank you

Wed, 2014-07-02 17:44

Dear Orielg,
If I use the different chain name for each chains of receptor, what will happen? I mean, what is the different between set same chain names and different chain names of receptor?
can you explain more to me?

Thank you so much

Wed, 2014-07-02 23:32