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Antibody Server is down

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Antibody Server is down

Since now a week the antibody server at is not accessible.
Is there a possibility to use the antibody server on instead? Is it the same as the other one or is it really a 'new' developement?

Or is there a possibility to make the first server work again? (to who, do I have to address for this issue?)

Thank you all for your efforts with the rosetta software suite.

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Thu, 2012-06-21 04:50

I've forwarded this to the Gray Lab server guy.

Thu, 2012-06-21 06:59

Antibody server is down due to failure of our cluster RAID array. We expect it to be back online sometime next week.

Regarding antibody mode on RosettaServer - sorry, but its not ready for public yet!

Fri, 2012-06-22 08:40