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error mesages from RosettaDock

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error mesages from RosettaDock

I am using RosettaDock (from Rosetta 3.1 package) to generate some predicted protein complexes. I got some errors during a few cases in my dataset.

It says
"ERROR: f.check_fold_tree()
ERROR:: Exit from: src/protocols/docking/ line: 327".

I also attached a log file of one of these error cases.

Could some one help me to solve this problem? Thanks a lot.


docking_1A2K.log_.txt8.35 KB
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Mon, 2011-03-21 11:42

What distinguishes the different inputs in your data set? Are they different protein complexes? If so, I'd guess something is subtly wrong (or at least, subtly Rosetta-inappropriate) with some fraction of the inputs; they don't happen to crash out at PDB reading but instead at the docking line you list.

Another possibility is that the failing set are more-than-two-body problems, and docking does not know which groups make for pairs of proteins?

Mon, 2011-03-21 12:11