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Error running design in 3.4

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Error running design in 3.4

I'm just getting started running 3.4. Compiled and tried to run fixbb.linuxgccrelease with a flags file and got this error. Could someone please suggest solutions.

ERROR: Unable to open weights/patch file. None of (./)standard or (./)standard.wts or ~/rosetta3.4/rosetta_database/scoring/weights/standard or ~/rosetta3.4/rosetta_database/scoring/weights/standard.wts exist
ERROR:: Exit from: src/core/scoring/ line: 2835

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Thu, 2012-07-05 19:27

You didn't pass a valid path in your flag file. Looking at the error, the problem is ~. ~ is interpreted by the _shell_, so it works on command line. The flags file is not interpreted by the shell, so Rosetta sees the ~ and doesn't know it means /home/inder (or whatever). So, fill that path out, and it will work.

Thu, 2012-07-05 20:10

Thanks very much; that did the trick!

Fri, 2012-07-06 16:59