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How to install Rosetta in Redhat Linux ?

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How to install Rosetta in Redhat Linux ?

Hello everyone,

I am new user in Rosetta. I have downloaded academic rosetta software from website.

I am using Redhat linux.

Can anyone give me simple installation steps of rosetta in redhat linux.

Thanks in advance.

With warm Regards

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Fri, 2012-02-24 02:32

This has been covered extensively on the boards already. I am assuming you already have the necessary support packages; on linux you may need to install a C++ compiler and the zlib development library (these are called build-essentials and zlib1g-dev in ubuntu).

Untar your Rosetta package (tar -xvzf whateverit'scalled.tar.gz).

cd to rosetta_source

scons bin mode=release

Optionally, add -j# to bin mode=release, where j is the number of processes you have available with which to compile. On a 4-core machine, bin mode=release -j4.

It will take a while.

If you get "scons: done building targets" at the end, Rosetta is compiled and ready to use.

Fri, 2012-02-24 06:41