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-loops:refine_repack_cycles option not accepted by loopmodel.linuxgccrelease

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-loops:refine_repack_cycles option not accepted by loopmodel.linuxgccrelease

As per the guide on Kinematic Loop Modeling, I am trying to pass -loops:refine_repack_cycles as an option to loopmodel.linuxgccrelease.

However, I get the following error message: ERROR: Option matching -loops:refine_repack_cycles not found in command line top-level context

My complete command line is: loopmodel.linuxgccrelease -database /usr/local/rosetta/3.4/rosetta_database/ -loops:refine refine_kic -loops:outer_cycles 1 -loops:refine_init_temp 1.2 -loops:refine_final_temp 1.2 -loops:vicinity_sampling -loops:vicinity_degree 3 -loops:optimize_only_kic_region_sidechains_after_move -ex1 -ex2 -nstruct 50 -out:prefix aa -in:file:fullatom -in:file:native input.pdb -loops:input_pdb input.pdb -loops:loop_file loop_input.txt -loops:refine_repack_cycles 50

Is there anything else that I should be doing?

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Tue, 2013-02-05 18:47

The documentation is out of date (or was perhaps ported incorrectly from CCD); the option name has been moved to -loops:repack_period.

Wed, 2013-02-06 07:30

Documentation is repaired in trunk; should propagate to the web sometime soon.

Wed, 2013-02-06 08:17

Great. Thank you for the clarification and update.

Wed, 2013-02-06 09:15