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intrensic disrodered proteins

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intrensic disrodered proteins

Hello everyone,

I have been running several fixbb and flxbb protocols for a while now, but it seems the outcome is not very promising.

So i guess mainly the issue is with disordered structures? Whatever I RosettaDesign i always end up with decoys that have intrensic disrodered states for the majority of the residues in a structure.

this of course affect the folding simulation to determine the success of the design, as well as the crystallisability of the structure.

My question is: how can I overcome this issue? how can i push Rosetta to sequence design (fixbb or flxbb) and reduce the probability of ending up with intrinsically disordered proteins?

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Thu, 2019-04-04 07:20

This is something that we've been grappling with for some time.  One thing that you can do is use the aa_composition score term to require regional amino  acid compositions more likely to favour folding.  (For example, you can select a loop and enforce that there be at least one proline in that loop.)

Documentation on the aa_composition score term is here:

Mon, 2019-04-08 14:49