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The relax qustion of Rosetta VIP

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The relax qustion of Rosetta VIP

Hello, I use the rosetta VIP.

I can not understand the option -cp:skip_relax.

If it  appear in the flag,  will the option  -cp:relax_mover and  -cp:local_relax   be  invalid?

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Mon, 2019-06-10 07:52

The option -cp:skip_relax is read before -cp:local_relax is.

If -cp:skip_relax is present, it will be the behavior which dominates. (The value set for -cp:local_relax won't even be consulted.) If both are present, it won't be an error per se, but you may get a warning message about the -cp:local_relax option being set but not used.

Mon, 2019-06-24 14:42