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IS there any source code about protein structure prediction with only sequences information?

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IS there any source code about protein structure prediction with only sequences information?


     I see the server Robetta and I want to know is there any source code ? I download the rosetta source code but fail to find the function about this part?

     Wish your help

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Mon, 2019-07-08 02:36

The source code to Rosetta is made available to licensed users of Rosetta through

One caveat is that Rosetta isn't "Open Source" (in the sense formalized by the Open Source Initiative), instead it's "source available" - we provide the (unobscured) Rosetta source to licensees, who are free to examine it, and even modify it locally for their own purposes. However, the Rosetta license prohibits further redistribution of the Rosetta source code, including the modified versions.

Another caveat is that this is the source code to Rosetta proper, not the the Robetta server. It contains all the core mechanisms, but doesn't include all the extra code that makes Robetta run. (That is, it doesn't include any of the web frontend code, nor the job managment backend, nor any of the customized scripts which do pre-processing, setup and post-processing of the Rosetta runs for the Robetta server.) None of that should be necessary for a successful protein structure prediction run, but it does mean that the process is less automated than it is on Robetta.

A final caveat is that the Rosetta source code is big, with lots of features. Depending on what you're looking for, it may be difficult for someone unoccustomed to the organization of the code to find it. If all you want to do is *use* protein structure prediction locally, then my recommendation would be to look a the Rosetta documentation: and demos/tutorials:  There's also other assorted tutorials out there on the web (most notably the Meiler Lab tutorials at but others have also created tutorials, especially for ab initio structure prediction.)

If you have more particular questions about how ab initio works, or where the source code functions to do a specific task in Rosetta are, please feel free to ask.


Mon, 2019-07-08 08:05