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new BUNS for FunFolDes run

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new BUNS for FunFolDes run

Dear all,

i'm running FunFolDes .

but want to rewrite it for new scoring function and new BUNS. 

this post has new scoring function, but ignores BUNS

old Buns were

 <BuriedUnsatHbonds name="BUNS" jump_number="0" confidence="0"


Would it be ok to take VBUNS (new very buried unsats) instead of old Buns ?

 <BuriedUnsatHbonds  name="BUNS" report_all_heavy_atom_unsats="true" scorefxn="beta" ignore_surface_res="false"print_out_info_to_pdb="false" atomic_depth_selection="5.5" burial_cutoff="1000" confidence="0" task_operations="FFLMOTIF_TASKOP,FFLFLEX_TASKOP,FFLTEMPLATE_TASKOP" />


thank you very much!





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