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RNP structure prediction flags

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RNP structure prediction flags

Dear caretakers and experts,

When using RNP Structure i have a question regarding

-convert_protein_CEN false

-FA_low_res_rnp_scoring true

-cycles XXXX

In Readme file it says cycles should be 2 times the RNA but for the tutorial 1000 cycles were used for a relatively short rna. How many cycles should i then really use? 1000 as a minimum?

The other two are related to precision. Would converting to CEN during low res assembly and using other scoring be more precise?  When not minimizing RNA structure should i use rnp_pack_first and how many rnp_high_res_cycles should i use as well for a high precision production run of around 7-10 RNA residues (default or increase?)?

When minimizing should i use rnp_pack_first in production runs and how many rnp_high_res_cycles?


note: this will be quite useful for everyone who is just starting with this tool like me.

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Fri, 2019-08-16 11:10