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Segment File Gen - no ouput

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Segment File Gen - no ouput

I am in need of some major help. 

I am running the SEWING application because I am copying the secondary structures that fit onto a particular primer, and some key binding residues are located on the loop between two beta strsnds - so I need to generate a new segment file with a few beta strands. 

The problem is that when I start running the segment file generator code on the linux terminal, it ends with just "parsing motif file" and I have no output. The motif file is in DSSP in just the same format the example page shows. I attatched the command lines in a text file below (have tried with and without "-output:file:all" and got the same result. 

Can anybody help?

Some things to note: 

  • I am running ubuntu linux off of a bootable USB, and use storage by mounting my computer's hard drive
  • I am way more fluent in PyRosetta, so if anybody knows if pyrosetta has a segment file generation, please tell... I haven't seen anything on the pyrosetta directories.
Command line and tags for Seg file gen258 bytes
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Wed, 2019-10-09 19:05