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remodel ERROR: unrecognized mm_atom_type_name RGU

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remodel ERROR: unrecognized mm_atom_type_name RGU

Hello. I am trying to get my RNA as a ligand in Remodel and according to rosetta documentation it should be read directly but my format is somehow off.


-in:file:s protein.pdb
-remodel:blueprint protein.blp
-remodel:num_trajectory 150
-remodel:save_top 50
-score:set_weights coordinate_constraint 4.0
-ramp_constraints false
-extra_res_cen rna.pdb

tried in:file:extra_res_fa. Same just error thrown earlier.

I tried getting RNA as a param file but i get stuck at splitting P-O3' bonds (rotable bonds definitions, torsions,etc.)


ATOM      1  P   RGU B1138      50.994  77.831  92.006  1.00 76.88           P 

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Sat, 2020-02-22 11:55

i really need help on this. I just need it to sit as a rigid body so pose relax works properly. RGU is GUA for RNA according to res_fa

Tue, 2020-02-25 08:28