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can remodel add loops in one chain in multichain PDB structure?

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can remodel add loops in one chain in multichain PDB structure?

I'm trying to model 4 loops within each of 4 chains within one PDB file. Modelling the loops simultaneously is important because all chains (and also 4 another without any loops to model but interacting with that 4 remodelled) are assembled into oligomer, so that loop formation should take into account other chains. I have:

  • renumbered PDB file, with all chains renumbered from 1 
  • a blueprint for one chain with coordinates corresponding to residue numbers in the PDB file, separate for every chain - all the loops are closeable and all the definitions work fine individually and for an individual chain in an input PDB file ( script takes one chain as option).

To begin, I tried to take 4 chain PDB file and add loops within one chain (remodel allows defining one blueprint without chain specification within blueprint, so that's natural). However 

My command is:

$rosetta/remodel.mpi.linuxgccrelease -s A.pdb -database /opt/rosetta/main/database -remodel:blueprint chosing_c2_tm_clean_sort_AB_noPIKAA.remodel  -run::chain A -overwrite -nstruct 1

and the procedure fails to close the loops. So my question is: can remodel add loops in one chain in multichain PDB structure or should I look for some workaround, i.e. renaming the whole structure into one chain, renumber all residues from one and after all renumber residues and assign to separate chains back again?

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Fri, 2020-05-01 06:26

I cannot answer your question, but I can say I encountered unique issues two years ago when I specified chain and I ended up simply making a large single chain protein as you suggest. Remodel is sporadically fussy with PDB vs. pose numbering, so I am not too surprised. About the renumbering I have a two-way python with pymol2 script for it, if that helps?
About your imput, for loops I find changing -generic_aa to A or G very helpful. Also the documentation also is religious about -ex1 -ex2, I simply obey.

Mon, 2020-05-04 01:43