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Error with filter in rosseta_scripts

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Error with filter in rosseta_scripts


i am working inthe design of peptides using the genkic mover. I am trying to implement a filter with "PeptideInternalHbondsFilter" to remove unwanted structures. When i run the rosetta_scripts  command this is the output.

From line 42:
Error: Element 'PeptideInternalHbondsFilter': This element is not expected.

37:             <ReadResfile name="d_res" filename="d_res.txt" selector="posPhi_pep"/>
39:     <FILTERS>
40:             <Ddg name="ddg" threshold="-1" jump="1" repeats="5" repack="1" confidence="1" scorefxn="ref15sfxn"/>
41:             <ShapeComplementarity name="sc_filter" verbose="0" min_sc="0.5" write_int_area="1" jump="1" confidence="1"/>
42:             <PeptideInternalHbondsFilter name="hbon" backbone_backbone="true"  residue_selector="peptide" hbond_cutoff="2"/>
43:     </FILTERS>

I really can't find where the error may be.


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Mon, 2020-05-11 04:52
Osmany Guirola