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I made a params file generation webpage

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I made a params file generation webpage

Previously I made a params file creation and modification Python 3 module, as mentioned here:

Since then I did get round to pip releasing it and I also threw together a webpage that does it:
I apologise that it is tagged onto a homeserver that does something completely different: it's a home project and honestly I did not want to do the Apache config, DNS & SSL sys-admin stuff.

Unfortunately, I keep meaning to add a JS molecular sketcher library to the page, but I have not had the time, so I think I'll leave it as is.
I am also leaving alone the shortfall that the server does not test the topology file (which the module can do) in Pyrosetta, because it is a home server not a University server (legal pickle) and I don't want to burden it.

But other feedback welcome* and hopefully it might be handy for someone.

*) Ehr... the feedback button is disabled on the server due to misuse, so for PMing feel free to email matteo at well dot ox dot ac dot uk.

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Wed, 2020-07-22 03:08