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BuildPeptide - Using Phosphorylated and Sulfated Tyrosine

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BuildPeptide - Using Phosphorylated and Sulfated Tyrosine


I am trying to build to both phosphorylated and sulfated tyrosine containing peptide squences to use for docking. Unfortunately, I am unable to use the BuildPeptide command to construct these peptides as aI always recieve a Segmentation Fault error. I would appreciate any help. I have been trying to convert the starting fasta sequences: GY[TYR:phosphorylated]EEIA and GY[TYR:sulfated]EEIA without any luck. I have been able to construct the unmodified peptide, GYEEIA, successfully.

On another note, I was curious if I had to be concerned when trying to dock these modified peptides using the FlexPepDock command. Any information would be helpful.


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Thu, 2020-09-03 14:29

Hi Justin,

Have you figured out how to dock modified peptides using the FlexPepDock command?


Mon, 2021-03-01 21:37