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using full atom constraint in docking

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using full atom constraint in docking


I am performing protein-protein docking with multiple constraints. I applied the constraints in full  atom mode with these two commands:

-constraints:cst_fa_file myconstraint.cst
-constraints:cst_fa_weight 10

After running docking, I get an error  saying "Can't read constraints from empty file!". While the constraint file is  not empty. It is noteworthy to mention that if I use  the same structure and the same constraint file with relax with the flag above, it would successfully run. But I am not sure why it cannot run with docking.

I am attaching docking xml, docking option and docking log.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

mydocking.log16.52 KB
docking_full.xml_.txt1.58 KB
docking.options.txt1.08 KB
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Thu, 2020-10-15 10:28