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different value of score from rna_denovo and rna_score?

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different value of score from rna_denovo and rna_score?

hi all,

I have a haripin RNA, and I want to predict its structure by rna_denovo. After I have finished the rna_denovo process for 100 decoys, I got one decoy with the lowest value of score(rna-denovo.1.pdb, the score is -10.57, seems normal). But when rescore this pdb file by rna_score programm the results are rna-score_0001.pdb and energy total_score is 19.883 which seems abnormal).  Does someone know  the difference between the rna_denovo and rna_score in the scoring functon? The program is rosetta_src_2020.50.61505_bundle(mpi edition). rna-denovo.1.pdb,  rna-score_0001.pdb and are all attached below.

rna_score.mpi571 bytes
rna_denovo pdb25.55 KB
pdb from rna_score 27.02 KB
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Wed, 2021-02-03 07:17

I have a similar issue. Would be great to get a response on this question and my own which I recently posted

Tue, 2021-06-15 20:02