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Obtain score during prediction

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Obtain score during prediction


I am trying to obtain the score produced during the 3D RNA-protein complex modeling process (I do not want to run the scoring function after).


I can see a score (which is not 0) in the terminal when I run the demo, but I am not sure how to obtain it. If I try to open the resulting pdb file in a text editor, the resulting score and silent score are always 0 (which does not agree with the terminal). The same is true if I try to open the .out file. 


My goal is to make a python script which runs the modelling program, obtains the resulting score and associates them (in a list) with the output pdbs.


The documentation doesn't exactly tell me how to do this and any other scoring information I find is telling me to run the scoring function after (which I do not want to do). Can I get some help with this?

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Mon, 2021-06-14 16:12