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Generating the 3-mer and 9-mer fragments

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Generating the 3-mer and 9-mer fragments

Hello everyone,

I have recently started using Rosetta and I wanted to generate the 3-mer and 9-mer fragments for Abinitio (without using the Robetta server). 
I used the files provided under the fragment_tools folder in Rosetta to generate the files (by giving just the fasta file as an input). However, the result that I gathered was not the same, as what is generated by the Robetta server.

I would really appreciate any help on what I am doing wrong or how I can verify the results or are there any other ways to generate the 3-mer, 9-mer file without having to use the Robetta server. 

In addition to the configuration changes in the file, I once changed the default database from nr to uniref50, but I later reversed it.

Thank you.

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Wed, 2022-02-09 09:04