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Not a question, but a note of an issue to save anyone getting lost by it

I had a spot of bother installing PyRosetta on a cluster running Ubuntu as PyRosetta was giving:

lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.27' not found

(Dejavu of pytorch, anyone?)
To fix it the system environment CONDA_OVERRIDE_GLIBC=2.27 does the trick:

CONDA_OVERRIDE_GLIBC=2.35 conda create -n biochem38 python=3.8
conda install -c pyrosetta



  • The username:password is the lovely PyRosetta one.
  • For me the address does not work, but I am in Europe so neither is close.
  • My conda version could not be updated as it was from an HPC environment module.
  • CONDA_OVERRIDE_GLIBC environment variable can be anything greater than 2.27. Higher is best as PyMOL will segfault with 2.27.


For an all in one:

CONDA_OVERRIDE_GLIBC=2.35 conda create -n biochem38 --yes\
--channel conda-forge \
--channel \
--channel schrodinger \
python=3.8 pyrosetta pymol-bundle rdkit jupyter plotly pandas
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Thu, 2022-03-10 09:59