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Problem with 'AddEncounterConstraintMover'

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Problem with 'AddEncounterConstraintMover'

Greetings, I'm trying to reproduce a local protein-protein docking using replica exchange methods published in this paper:

After I run I receive  the followinf error message:


[FILE]: src/protocols/rosetta_scripts/

[LINE]: 1192


Input rosetta scripts XML file "new.xml" failed to validate against the rosetta scripts schema. Use the option -parser::output_schema <output filename> to o$

Your XML has failed validation.  The error message below will tell you where in your XML file the error occurred.  Here's how to fix it:


1) If the validation fails on something obvious, like an illegal attribute due to a spelling error (perhaps you used scorefnction instead of scorefunction),$

2) If you haven't run the XML rewriter script and this might be pre-2017 Rosetta XML, run the rewriter script (tools/xsd_xrw/ on y$

3) If you are a developer and neither 1 nor 2 worked - email the developer's mailing list or try Slack.

4) If you are an academic or commercial user - try the Rosetta Forums



Error messages were:

From line 28:

Error: Element 'AddEncounterConstraintMover': This element is not expected.




25: <MOVERS>

26:     <!-- setup jumps and constraints-->

27:     <DockSetupMover name="setup_jump"/>

28:     <AddEncounterConstraintMover name="encounter_cst" gap="8"/>

29:     <RigidBodyPerturbNoCenter name="rb_mover" rot_mag="1" trans_mag="1"/>

30:     <HamiltonianExchange name="h_exchange" temp_file="hamiltonians_cen.txt"  temp_stride="1000" stats_file="tempering.stats"/>

31:     <DockingInitialPerturbation name="init_pert" slide="1" />

32:     <TrialCounterObserver name="count" file="trial.stats"/>

33:     <SilentTrajectoryRecorder name="traj" score_stride="1" stride="1000" cumulate_replicas="1" />


Warning messages were:


I believe the mover is not available for public use and only dev.?

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Tue, 2022-06-28 10:00

You are correct. Currently the AddEncounterConstraintMover is only availible for the internal developer builds, and is not availible in the public release.

I'd recommend contacting the authors of the paper and requesting they work on making it availible in a released version.


Tue, 2022-06-28 10:45