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Get fasta from PDB script correction - Solved

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Get fasta from PDB script correction - Solved

Dear researchers,

Those who really want to use the script to generate the FASTA files from PDB, generally face some sorts of errors.

The most common error is: TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation

Though this particular script needs Biopython to execute, as it is using some modules from Biopython. If you are using Ubuntu or any Linux distros and want to execute the script without facing any errors you can use the corrected script given below.

I am not a python script developer, rather I am a learner. So, I am facing this problem for the last 2 days, as it is a part of Protein design. Though this is not damn mandatory, as I faced this problem, I tried to solve it. 

In the attachment section, you will get the corrected script. 
If you will face any problems with the script, please let me know. 

Raghib Ishraq Alvy


N.B: Rename/Convert .txt with .py for execution

pdb_to_fasta.txt1.68 KB
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