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Where is the main website for Rosetta?

Who is behind Rosetta?

Rosetta was created and is developed by a consortium of academic researchers. Please see for more information about the scientists behind Rosetta.

What versions of Rosetta are available?

  • The "core" version of Rosetta is Rosetta3, which provides a command line interface for Unix-like systems (Mac and Linux).
  • PyRosetta is a Python language wrapper around core Rosetta3 functionality. (PyRosetta forums)
  • ROSIE is a web-accessible server for select protocols. (ROSIE forum) Other servers such as Robetta, RosettaDesign and FlexPepDock exist. See for more details.
  • Rosetta++, aka Rosetta2, is an older version of Rosetta. (Rosetta++ forums) It is no longer actively developed, and is provided primarily for recapitulation of previous results.


... then what are RosettaAbinito, RosettaDesign, RosettaLigand, RosettaScripts, ... ?

Certain protocols in Rosetta have their own name. Most all of these protocols are included with the standard download of Rosetta3. (... and PyRosetta and ROSIE and the other servers.)

Where can I get Rosetta?
Licenses are free for users at academic and nonprofit research institutions.

Where is the Rosetta3 documentation?

Are there demos of the protocols available?

Demos of select protocols should be available in the demos/ directory in the standard Rosetta3 download.
An overview of these is at

I have questions about modifying Rosetta code to do something new. Can I ask questions about that here?

Yes, please do. More detailed information about the code structure and usage is available with the developers' resources at You may also want to look into PyRosetta, which provides Python language access to core Rosetta functionality, for easier protocol development.

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