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Serialization for Python 3.5

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Serialization for Python 3.5

I am working with a GitHub repo (Link) that creates a pipeline for the Rocklin et al. 2017, Science metrics. The provided environment yml file specifies python 3.5 while the code imports pyrosetta.distributed libraries. I've looked through the archive release versions of PyRosetta but did not see a serialization/distributed build for Python 3.5. I've tried running the code with the available 3.5 build but get the following error code:

"CRITICAL:root:Exception while running score_designs.score_pdb_file: __cereal_getstate__ requires pyrosetta '--serialization' build."

Is there an internal or old version of PyRosetta that supports serialization for Python 3.5?

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Fri, 2024-05-31 12:36

I imagine that the provided environment specifies Python 3.5 simply because that's what was available when the protocol was developed. I'd recommend seeing if you can update things to use newer Python versions.

We try to keep old protocols running with newer versions software, and specifically with newer versions of (Py)Rosetta. If things aren't working for you with updated software, you can ask about specific issues you're encountering ... but please do so at the Github Discussions site, as we'll be archiving this particular forum soon.


Thu, 2024-06-20 11:28