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Error in Building Environment Options

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Error in Building Environment Options

I have done the building part in installation by typing

scons bin
scons bin mode=release

which says "scons: done building targets"

Now next step is Additional Build Environment Options for which i get

scons bin my_pilot_apps

**scons: building terminated because of errors**

Could you please tell me what is the next step to be followed after building. how to make File target `my_pilot_apps'?

Please help!

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Wed, 2013-05-01 02:12

Which pilot app are you interested in? Remodel? Your own?

Have you done something like this? cp src/pilot_apps.src.settings.template src/
Then edited that to include one of your own applications?

If that is the case, the name must match the name of the new file:
scons bin my

You may also want to think about using -j option to use more processors: (-j4 to use 4).

Wed, 2013-05-01 07:39