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error with Boost when building PyRosetta

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error with Boost when building PyRosetta

OS info:
Linux 2.6.18-164.el5 #1 SMP Tue Aug 18 15:51:48 EDT 2009 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga)

Python info:
Python 2.7.3 (default, Sep 26 2012, 11:26:26)
[GCC 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-46)] on linux2

Rosetta version 3.4

I was trying to compile pyrosetta from source following the instructions in rosetta_source/src/python/bindings/building.txt.
I installed all the required software and library.
but compiling finished with failure.
I checked the output and found that gcc was trying to include another version of Boost installed in /usr/include/boost/

How do I tell to include my version of Boost only?

Another question:Rosetta 3.4 compiles with Boost 1.46, is that OK compiling pyrosetta with Boost 1.38?

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Fri, 2013-10-11 23:10

I issued with argument "-I/public/home/jeffs/usr/include/boost-1_38/boost", and it seems that GCC is trying to include both version of Boost, for some error complains about Boost headers from system dir, while some complains about Boost headers from my installed version.
Is it possible to hack to make system Boost lib unavaliable so that only my installed version is included?

Fri, 2013-10-11 23:24

I think maybe I should use -I/public/home/jeffs/usr/include/boost-1_38/ instead

Sat, 2013-10-12 00:42

I found the strange lib name "boost_python-gcc41-mt-1_38" in In my built version of Boost, there is something like this "", I changed lib name accordingly, and it seems that it's working

Sat, 2013-10-12 03:53

am i amusing myself

Sat, 2013-10-12 06:17

Lucky for me, I finally get the it built

Sun, 2013-10-13 06:35

Normally, you don't need to build PyRosetta - they are distributed as binaries for most systems on If you are having problems with your build or need to build again, look at tools/PyRosetta.Develop/

Mon, 2013-10-14 08:11

ya ya you are right, but our cluster is a little bit old, pyrosetta of new version doesn't support it. By the way, I didn't find the file tools/PyRosetta.Develop/ you mentioned above. And, the building guide for pyrosetta in rosetta source needs to be updated, it's misleading in some way.

Wed, 2013-10-16 22:48