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Problem in refinement job in Docking2

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Problem in refinement job in Docking2


I have recently used the Docking2 program for refining my docked models (job IDs 22582 and 22583). The first has failed due to some problem in the prepacking stage while for the second one the job was finished. For the first one it appears that there was some error in the input file.  The latter although the job has finished it is showing a different error ' 

nCould not find essential file trigger-00001.dock/score.sf in DB'

Both the files were compiled for the job the same way. I have also used Rosetta successfully for the same purpose previously so I am confused as what mistake I have made in preparing the input file. I will be very glad if you could kindly help. 

Thanks in advance


Anindita Seal

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Fri, 2016-04-22 07:12

Hi Anindita,

  From the logs it looks like one of our HPC clusters run it to some problem (not related to job itself) during the run of 22583. Could you please try to resubmit the job and see if that helps?





Fri, 2016-04-22 11:13