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Creating FeatureReporters in PyRosetta

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Creating FeatureReporters in PyRosetta


I'm trying to implement FeatureReporters in PyRosetta (compiled from release 3.5). I'm implementing the following methods:

  • write_schema_to_db
  • report_features

Both of these methods get utility::sql_database::sessionOP as input. When I try to run the code I get the following error message:

TypeError: No to_python (by-value) converter found for C++ type: boost::shared_ptr<utility::sql_database::session>

Apparently , this issue comes up because the session class hasn't been exposed to python. Is there any other way to write features reporters in python / solve this issue?

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Tue, 2016-08-23 23:50

I would guess you're already the most experienced with FeatureReporters in PyRosetta (I don't remember the people building that system using PyRosetta much).  

Why are you still on 3.5? 

I'd put this on devel or the Slack team.  

Wed, 2016-08-24 06:50


I just wanted to make sure i'm not missing anything before implementing something of my own ... I guess that the best way to do it is to expose utility::sql_database::session class to python...?

Wed, 2016-08-24 13:25

Strange.  I thought python should already understand all internal classes.  Perhaps he had to put in directories?  I don't know.  All my antibody and carbohydrate classes 'just-work'.  

I'll email Sergey. 

Wed, 2016-08-24 13:51

Thanks Jared!!

That was my experience so far... all of my classes just worked. I hope Sergey could point me in the right direction :)

Wed, 2016-08-24 13:57

I wouldn't expose anything to python.  My understanding from Sergey is that PyRosetta4, to be released soon, does a better job of wrapping code than older versions.  See what he says about that timeframe.

Wed, 2016-08-24 14:23

It might be possible that PyRosetta-3 is skipping binding this class. Lior could you please try PyRosetta-4 and see if that solve the issue? (i will mail you info diretly)


Wed, 2016-08-24 13:55

Sure. Thank you!

Wed, 2016-08-24 13:58