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Error using FilterScan with rosettascripts

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Error using FilterScan with rosettascripts


I'm trying to perform a residue scanning of an interface in order to identify potential mutations that can improve affinity.  I tried using the FilterScan filter:


        <t14 weights="talaris2014"/>

        <InitializeFromCommandline name=cmdTask/>
        <RestrictToRepacking name=repackOnly/>
        <ReadResfile name=resfile filename=%%resfile%%/>

        <ScoreType name="tot_score" scorefxn=t14 threshold=1.0/>
        <Ddg name="calc_ddg" scorefxn=t14 jump=2/>
        #FilterScan name="mut_scan" scorefxn=t14 task_operations=cmdTask,resfile filter=tot_score delta=True/>
        <FilterScan name="mut_scan" scorefxn=t14 task_operations=cmdTask,resfile filter=tot_score jump=2/>

        <PackRotamersMover name=repack task_operations=cmdTask,repackOnly/>
        <MinMover name=min bb=0 chi=1 jump=0/>


        <Add mover=repack/>
        <Add filter=mut_scan/>


This throws an error:

<FilterScan filter=tot_score jump=2 name=mut_scan scorefxn=t14 task_operations=cmdTask,resfile/>

 available options are: confidence, delta, dump_pdb, dump_pdb_name, filter, keep_native, name, relax_mover, report_all, resfile_general_property, resfile_name, rtmin, score_log_file, scorefxn, task_operations, triage_filter, 

ERROR: 'jump' is not a valid option for FilterScan
ERROR:: Exit from: src/utility/tag/ line: 174


If I remove the "jump" keyword, this error goes away.  I'm using "rosetta_src_2016.46.59086_bundle".  

Also, is this the most appropriate filter to be using to scan for affinity-enhancing mutations?


Thanks in advance.



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Tue, 2016-12-13 14:29