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ArchiveManager -- spinning down

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ArchiveManager -- spinning down

Hi Rosetta Community,

I am running RASREC CS-ROSETTA on a Cluster using 10 cores with mpi. 

After 2 days, I got this error message:


ERROR: error detected in ArchiveManager -- spinning down

ERROR:: Exit from: src/protocols/jd2/archive/ line: 445

/home/amwanko/dev/rosetta/main/source/build/src/release/linux/3.16/64/x86/gcc/4.9/mpi/ const*)+0x2b) [0x7ff8c671965b]

/home/amwanko/dev/rosetta/main/source/build/src/release/linux/3.16/64/x86/gcc/4.9/mpi/ const&, int, std::string const&, int)+0x15c) [0x7ff8c67193bc]

/home/amwanko/dev/rosetta/main/source/build/src/release/linux/3.16/64/x86/gcc/4.9/mpi/<protocols::jd2::archive::ArchiveBase>)+0x13ad) [0x7ff8cb8eca0d]

/home/amwanko/dev/rosetta/main/source/build/src/release/linux/3.16/64/x86/gcc/4.9/mpi/<protocols::moves::Mover>)+0x21c) [0x7ff8cb9dd4ec]

/home/amwanko/dev/rosetta/main/source/build/src/release/linux/3.16/64/x86/gcc/4.9/mpi/ [0x7ff8d1bcb976]

/home/amwanko/dev/rosetta/main/source/bin/minirosetta.mpi.linuxgccrelease() [0x40c397]

/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7ff8c3fc1b45]

/home/amwanko/dev/rosetta/main/source/bin/minirosetta.mpi.linuxgccrelease() [0x40cc99]

std::cerr: Exception was thrown: 

[ERROR] EXCN_utility_exit has been thrown from: src/protocols/jd2/archive/ line: 445

ERROR: error detected in ArchiveManager -- spinning down


What causes this issue and how could I fix it?

Please help me to solve this issue. 


Thank you in advance

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Fri, 2016-12-23 03:10

Unfortunately that is just the generic exception catcher for ArchiveManager - it just tells us that it crashed by not why. It looks like it should have shown the real error message somewhat above that:

basic::show_time( tr, "Exception in main msg-loop !" );
tr.Error << "[ERROR] " << excn.msg() << std::endl;
tr.Error << "spinning down" << std::endl;

look for more likes with [ERROR], especially near those other two messages "spinning down" and "Exception in main msg-loop".

Fri, 2016-12-23 07:04