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Looking for collaboration.

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Looking for collaboration.

​Dear Rosetta Community,

I am searching for labs in the UK that uses rosetta to design proteins for collaboration. Is there a list of all labs that either develop or use rosetta?
Why the UK? becuse the funding I will bring will be from a UK based institute.
Just a list, or where I can find one, will be helpful enough.
Thank you.
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Mon, 2017-03-06 04:54

Other users of the forums can chime in if they're in the UK and are interested in collaboration. MarkW here on the forums here once posted about finding people using Rosetta in London. You may wish to private-message him to ask if he made any contacts.

Regarding the RosettaCommons proper, the list of official RosettaCommons labs (the people developing Rosetta, rather than the people who are using it) can be found at  - though there isn't anyone from the UK on the list.

I do know, though, that Fabio Parmeggiani, who was a postdoc with David Baker working on repeat protein design, is now at the University of Bristol. He's just starting his lab, so I don't know how open he is to collaboration, but I mention it as a possiblity.

Mon, 2017-03-06 08:37