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Equality and Inclusion in the Rosetta Commons

Equality and Inclusion in the Rosetta Commons

The Rosetta Commons exists to enable shared developments and discoveries. We believe in the power of community to accelerate science. We strive to make our community inclusive and equitable for people of all backgrounds, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, age, belief system, and socioeconomic background.

The Commons urges the individual research groups in our community to make every effort to proactively and swiftly eliminate discriminatory policies and procedures in hiring and recruitment and to make efforts to increase the number of individuals from historically underrepresented groups in the Rosetta community. It should be a high priority for everyone in the Commons and the individual research groups to provide a welcoming workplace environment that is physically accessible to all and free of harassment and bias, both implicit and explicit.

These hiring and workplace practices are undertaken first and foremost because they are required to maintain an ethical and just community of scientists. Further, a diverse community increases the likelihood of novel approaches and applications of Rosetta science and enriches the experience of all members. Lastly, measures to increase the diversity and fairness of our research community will ensure that the next generation of scientists is drawn from all groups of people, resulting in a robust workforce on which the future of science and our society depend.

This statement was developed collaboratively with leadership from the Rosetta Commons Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  It was unanimously adopted by the Rosetta Commons Executive Board in September, 2018.