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FASTA for Octopus

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FASTA for Octopus

Dear All, 

I am trying  to use the  Octopus server ( as the first step in RosettaMP. My sequence is the TMD region of HER3 protein (MALTVIAGLVVIFMMLGGTFL). To generate fasta format I used as well as websites, however in both cases after submitting in Octupus, nothing happens.


Can anyone recommed me how to generate a FASTA format for my sequence that Octopus recognizes?


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Wed, 2020-09-16 05:40

Octopus uses machine learning techniques to figure out where in a large protein the transmembrane helicies are. Octopus isn't required to use RosettaMP, it's just useful to help find the transmembrane domain if you don't already know it. (Rosetta doesn't use the Octopus output itself, it uses the span file. Octopus is just used as a convenient way of generating the span file, but it's not needed. You can write a span file directly.)

But you do know where your transmembrane helix is. So instead of running your protein through Octopus, you can manually edit a span file to define the residues which correspond to your transmembrane helix. So long as you know where in your protein your transmembrane residues are, you should be able to specify them in the span file.

Wed, 2020-09-16 06:00