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cluster_info_silent.out GLIB problem

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cluster_info_silent.out GLIB problem


I'm trying to cluster my decoy pdbs. works fine in making the out-file. But then when I try to run cluster_info_silent.out I get:

cluster_info_silent.out: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.1' not found (required by .... cluster_info_silent.out

I have GLIB2.9 on my system (Fedora 10), which should include Do I need an older version of GLIB, or can I tell the compiler to use my version when I recompile cluster_info_silent.out?

Or maybe I should just try running the whole thing in silent mode (:sad:)....

Any suggetsions will be greatly appreciated.


Wed, 2009-07-08 01:35

Ok, just managed to answer my own question. It seems cluster_info_silent.out only gets unpacked when one installs rosetta, but not complied. I just recompiled it, and voila!(:biggrin:)(:biggrin:)

Wed, 2009-07-08 01:50