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Error of compiling

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Error of compiling

Hi,I want to use ResolutionSwitcher in to relax pdb after stage1-4,when i add "#include<protocols/abinitio/ResolutionSwitcher.hh> in",it turn to be a error"Resolution switcher was not declared in this scope".

I included all the header files but still not working.

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Wed, 2020-01-01 19:12

You might need to namespace it.  Probably protocols::abinitio::ResolutionSwitcher.

You may also have a library levels problem.  To make Rosetta compile with a reasonable amount of memory during the linking step, we split the protocols library into a whole bunch - note all the files "protocols.??.src.settings". is in protocols 1; ResolutionSwitcher is in protocols 6.  The dependency diagram is a directed acyclic graph; here 6 can use 1 but 1 cannot use 6.  I don't think you CAN use ResolutionSwitcher in MonteCarlo without rearranging all the dependencies by moving things around in scons.

If you have a huge amount of memory you can try just moving all the protocols.X.settings files into protocols.1.src.settings and crossing your fingers.  This is not adviseable.

What are you actually trying to do with the edits?  There may be an easier method.

Wed, 2020-01-01 19:58

Thank you for help!

I add "using namespace XXX" and it finally works!It looks so simple but I didn't realize it at all

Wed, 2020-01-01 23:19