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Is it possible to use two broker files

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Is it possible to use two broker files

Hi friends

as a part of a project I am using rosetta to predict structure from nmr data. It currently uses a broker file flag to pass the input data. I am wondering is it possible to supply two broker files and use the data from both the files . Currently when i do that the second parameters are overwritten with the first one.

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Wed, 2011-06-08 01:01

This is from someone who knows more than I about the broker (Chris Miles):

"I don't believe the broker can handle multiple configuration files. The behavior that the user describes is curious though-- I would have expected the last configuration file mentioned on the command line to overwrite all previous ones. If I understood him correctly, he observed the opposite behavior.

The most obvious suggestion is to combine broker configuration information into a single file. I suspect that he separated some of the configuration options into multiple files to try out different scenarios. I routinely do this for trajectories beginning from a template. There's a certain set of "base" flags that never change, as well as template-specific information (e.g. template pdb, alignment, constraints)."

Wed, 2011-06-08 09:28