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how to pick fragments for a transmembrane protein

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how to pick fragments for a transmembrane protein

Dear all,

I have created fragments with script using the following command lne: -verbose -nosam -nopsipred -nojufo -samfile UapA_SAM.ss2 -id UapA_ UapA.fasta

where UapA_SAM.ss2 is the SAM-predicted secondary structure in pripred_ss2 format, created in the following way: --sam UapA.rdb > UapA_SAM.ss2

The UapA.rdb file has been obtained from ROBETTA server. Is this OK?

The default weight file used for fragment picking by "" script is the following:
# score name priority wght min_allowed extras
ProfileScoreL1 700 1.0 -
ProfileScoreStructL1 100 1.4 -
SolventAccessibility 500 0.5 -
Phi 300 3.9 -
Psi 200 0.9 -

No SecondarySimilarity and RamaScore are used. Are these priorities and weights suitable for picking fragments for membrane proteins? If not, could someone please recommend me some modifications?

Thanks in advance,

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Mon, 2012-05-28 06:52

Isn't there any membrane-guy reading this post?

Sat, 2012-06-02 06:14