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How to score the crystal structure?

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How to score the crystal structure?

Hi All,

I have a control system in which the co-crystal structure is determined. I would like to have rosetta only score the input pdb without docking, so that I can compare the crystal coordinates with the results. I would also like to be able to score the prepacked structure used for the actual studies.

I used the flag -run:score_only and this worked, but there was a file and a pdb file. Also, the rms was 30 in the score file. I re-ran and sure enough, the score was different, indicating that it is actually docking not merely scoring.

The flags I used were:
-extra_res_cen (because I have two heme proteins)
-partners A_B

then -s protein.pdb

Is there another flag I should use for scoring a structure without docking it?


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Fri, 2011-11-18 15:49

Not a different flag, but a different application. You can use the score or score_jd2 applications to get Rosetta to score any given input structure. (See

Fri, 2011-11-18 16:48