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/database folder after running "" size 657 GB?

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/database folder after running "" size 657 GB?

Dear Friends,


I nearly ran out of space after running "". Among the programs it installs, /database folder whcih includes "nr" sizes up to 657 GB. Can you please let me know if this is possible? 


du -ach

547M	databases/nr.38.phr
3.3M	databases/nr.49.pog
36K	databases/nr.50.ppd
263M	databases/nr.20.psq
1.9G	databases/nr_pfilt.13.phr
12M	databases/
4.0K	databases/nr.91.tar.gz.md5
1.3G	databases/nr.103.phr
156M	databases/nr.72.psd
161M	databases/nr.90.phr
98M	databases/nr.133.psd
18M	databases/
536K	databases/nr.100.pog
9.8M	databases/nr.130.pog
2.1M	databases/nr.15.ppd
28M	databases/nr.106.pnd
9.4M	databases/nr.122.pog
20M	databases/
2.4G	databases/nr_pfilt.25.psq
468K	databases/nr.103.phi
65M	databases/nr.101.pnd
12M	databases/nr_pfilt.00.pnd
136K	databases/nr.89.pni
657G	databases/
657G	total


I have 1TB /media folder and because of this size it is almost full. Thanks!

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Tue, 2019-09-03 03:32

that seems about right. unfortunately the NR database is quite large but necessary.

for reference on my install:

41M     blast
46M     csblast
425G    databases
48M     pdb_seqres.txt
14M     pdb_seqres.txt.phr
40M     pdb_seqres.txt.psq
2.2M    psipred
512     signature
109M    sparks-x


Tue, 2019-09-03 10:15