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Side-chain grafting at the fixed protein and position

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Side-chain grafting at the fixed protein and position

Hello folks,

I’m trying to transfer a epitope to the protein of my interest at the designated position which is composed of alphahelix. 

Previously, several antibodies have been shown to recognize the alphahelical conformation such as PDB:3LRH. 

So I wonder if I can transfer the epitope to the designated position while keeping its ability that is recognized by the corresponding antibody. That is something like

side-chain grafting. I’ve learned the protocol provided by Meiler lab.  The overall concept is similar, but  it’s supposed to search for proteins that can accomodate the

epitope from scaffold library. But in my case, scaffold protein and its insertion site is fixed.

I appreciate you if you could tell me how transplant the epitope to the desinated alphahelix at the fixed protein.


Thanks in advance. 


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Wed, 2020-05-20 08:49