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Trouble installing Rosetta 3.9 on MacOS Catalina

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Trouble installing Rosetta 3.9 on MacOS Catalina

Hello, I am having trouble installing Rosetta 3.9 on my dual core Intel mac running MacOS Catalina. I am following the instructions from this website:

However, I am getting errors. May someone help me troubleshoot through this process? I have attached a text file with the commands I used and the errors I am getting.

Thank you in advance.



Rosetta_Build_Error.txt8.01 KB
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Fri, 2021-06-04 18:57

Rosetta 3.9 is a bit on the older side. I think if you get the most recent version of Rosetta, this should be fixed.

If you do need to use Rosetta 3.9, see try removing the `using namespace boost;` line from source/src/protocols/antibody/database/ -- If you subsequently get compilation errors about not recognizing symbols in that file, you can try prepending `boost::` to them and see if that fixes the compilation.  (cf.

Sun, 2021-06-06 11:56