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Where are exact source files for rosetta graphics 6.04 beta?

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Where are exact source files for rosetta graphics 6.04 beta?

I'm hoping someone here can point me to the actual source tree that was used to build rosetta_graphics_6.04_x86_64-apple-darwin.

I am the long time volunteer Mac programmer for BOINC and am working on fixing the problems with the BOINC screensaver when running under MacOS 14 Sonoma. I want to build the Rosetta graphics app rosetta_graphics_6.04_x86_64-apple-darwin from the source files but link it with my modified BOINC libraries to confirm that my code fixes the screensaver for project graphics.

I have been working with the source trees for both Rosetta 3.14 (March 7, 2024) and Rosetta 2023.35 (September 6, 2023), as well as the GitHub repository, but the run time behavior is different from that of rosetta_graphics_6.04_x86_64-apple-darwin. So I need the exact source tree which was actually used to build the rosetta graphics 6.04 beta.

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Fri, 2024-04-12 08:12
Charlei Fenton

You may need to contact somone working on the Rosetta@Home project specifically to get that info. Which version of the codebase corresponds to which release isn't something which makes it back to the main Rosetta development.

Note that if the logging message prints a SHA1 has or other sort of version logging message (which is distinct from the BOINC version info), we might be able to help puzzle it out. But for BOINC versions, you'll need to talk to the Rosetta@Home maintainers.


P.S.  We're updating the site, and as part of that we're moving the forums to Github Discussions.

If you have additional questions or are still having issues, please feel free to open up a thread over there.

Thu, 2024-06-20 11:41