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how to keep modeling ignored ERROR?

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how to keep modeling ignored ERROR?

Hi, I was doing ab initio with homology.pdb.

During modeling, there is a small problem but, I want to ignore small error and keep modeling.

Scores Weight Raw Score Wghtd.Score
coordinate_constraint 0.010 549399852.990 5493998.530
Total weighted score: 5493998.500

protocols.idealize.IdealizeMover: (1) RMS between original pose and idealised pose: 72.2241 CA RMSD, 72.8871 All-Atom RMSD,
protocols.general_abinitio: (1) AbrelaxMover: switch to fullatom

ERROR: Could not find disulfide partner for residue 107
ERROR:: Exit from: src/core/scoring/disulfides/ line: 576

But, I can get S_*.pdb model until stop modeling

loops_closed_postprocessedS_0001.pdb S_0003.pdb stage1_cyclesS_0006.pdb stage3S_0001.pdb
loops_closed_postprocessedS_0002.pdb stage1S_0001.pdb stage3S_0002.pdb
loops_closed_postprocessedS_0003.pdb stage0S_0001.pdb stage1S_0002.pdb stage3S_0003.pdb
loops_closed_postprocessedS_0004.pdb stage0S_0002.pdb stage1S_0003.pdb stage3S_0004.pdb
loops_closed_postprocessedS_0005.pdb stage0S_0003.pdb stage1S_0004.pdb stage3S_0005.pdb
loops_closedS_0001.pdb stage0S_0004.pdb stage1S_0005.pdb stage3S_0006.pdb
loops_closedS_0002.pdb stage0S_0005.pdb stage1S_0006.pdb stage4S_0001.pdb
loops_closedS_0003.pdb stage0S_0006.pdb stage2S_0001.pdb stage4S_0002.pdb
loops_closedS_0004.pdb stage1_cyclesS_0001.pdb stage2S_0002.pdb stage4S_0003.pdb
loops_closedS_0005.pdb stage1_cyclesS_0002.pdb stage2S_0003.pdb stage4S_0004.pdb
README.txt stage1_cyclesS_0003.pdb stage2S_0004.pdb stage4S_0005.pdb
S_0001.pdb stage1_cyclesS_0004.pdb stage2S_0005.pdb
S_0002.pdb stage1_cyclesS_0005.pdb stage2S_0006.pdb

what should I do? (I don't want to change 107 disulfide partner.)

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Sat, 2013-04-27 05:44
Sun, 2013-04-28 18:46

I would try them together first, and see if that gets rid of the error.

Sun, 2013-04-28 18:52

Thank you for your exprain.

I've solved problems.

Thank you.

Wed, 2013-05-15 23:06